About us

Green Retail Solutions

Green Retail Solutions specializes in providing security and management solutions for exposure and experimentation of retail products.

We develop customized projects for Electronic Padlocks, Anti-theft Antennas, Origin Labeling and Business Intelligence tools.

There are more than 100,000 points installed throughout the Brazilian territory, as well as the branch in Chile that operates throughout all Latin America, offering practicality and security inside and outside the country. With solid partnerships, Green Retail Solutions is also a representative of RTF Global in Brazil, a Canadian company with more than 1 million systems installed worldwide.

Our product line offers quality, modern design and versatility, enabling a great shopping experience for consumers and effective prevention for retailers.


Attending all Brazilian territory, we offer full service, from transportation to system maintenances.

  • Transportation and installation
  • Training
  • Maintenance


  • Demo Room
  • Product testing laboratory
  • Training facility
  • Video conference room allowing online training


Proper exposure of the product is as important to the success of sales as the product itself. We offer solutions for special furniture projects in order to meet the security needs of your POS

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