Better tablet safety

The RTF Vise exhibition system is an universal solution, with 3 different sets of claws, utilized to protect practically any smartphone, tablet or portable electronic device on the market. With a solid mechanical projection and electronic alarm, the strength of the Vise series is noted throughout all the solution, not only on the individual components.

With the Vise4 X, RTF presents and elegant and discrete system, that enhances the client’s experience without inhibiting the maneuvering or setting off false alarms. It possesses a flexible configuration, for tablets and small, medium and large eReaders. It is possible to utilize from 2 to 6 arms, depending on the level of security the client wishes. It is easy to use, and it can be installed in less than 5 minutes.

  • Discrete profile, that highlights the device and not the security system.
  • Easy installation and available in two colors – black and white
  • Projected for the device perfect exposition, in both landscape and portrait positions.
  • The aluminum claws are light and the most resistant on the market.
  • The multiple arms configurations allow the level of protection you wish for.
  • Rubber locks fix the arms to the device, besides protecting it from physical impact.


The arms of the Vise4 X are connected to a recoiler protected by a safety alarm, which allows the customer to handle the device easily. The multiple versions of the weights guarantee a total control over a security of its devices, being able to be used by two to a maximum of six arms.